The Real Benefits Of Nanotechnology

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  2. February 1, 2013 7:55 pm

The Real Benefits Of Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is manipulating matter on a molecular scale and is the wave of the future. It is a technology which can bring a lot of benefit for every industry using it. Nanotechnology solves many of today’s human problems, helps the environment, and improves medicine. How nanotechnology does all of these things are discussed below.

Solves Human Problems
Nanotechnology can solve many human problems. In an impoverished area where it is difficult to develop an adequate technology base, nanotechnology can produce a reliable manufacturing infrastructure in a matter of hours. Nanotechnology can produce a single power supply and chemical supply from one personal Nano factory that will produce copies of itself to the point of doubling infrastructure in hours. These personal Nano factories are useful in most any setting.

Helps the Environment
Nanotechnology solves many health and environmental problems related to water. Water-related diseases kill thousands of people every day who do not have access to basic clean water. With nanotechnology, this scenario is preventable. Using nanotechnology on a nanometer scale can remove all impurities from unclean water including prions, bacteria, and viruses. Nanotechnology is used to purify water from any source into viable clean water. Nanotechnology would allow for water treatment utilizing nanometer technology to be put in place at a very low cost. It would also help to element pollution reaching downstream sources due to low-cost waste containment and filtration.

Improves Medicine
Using nanotechnology in medicine allows for more efficient diagnosis of diseases. Medical tools become much cheaper and powerful on the molecular scale. Manufacturing sensors and implantable devices on the Nano scale allows for better health monitoring and treatment. Eventually, healthcare will become cheaper and available to more people due to cheap nanotechnology manufacturing. Molecular manufacturing also is eliminating conditions causing diseases due to insects, malnutrition, and sanitation. These tiny molecular building blocks are improving today’s healthcare to a much higher standard.

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